Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada


Click the "Book Online" button to book, but it may be easier to see overall availability on this spreadsheet first.  It is pretty easy to book a simple trip like a one-day or a consecutive-day booking online, but you may prefer to email us if it is complicated.

Lodging availability for the Red Shutter Inn, A-Frame Cabin, Big Red Lodge is also available in the online booking section (click the lodging tab), or ask us to package it.  If you want to package cat skiing with other lodging, we can help you, but it will be billed by the provider.

We can run up to 4 snowcats per day - if there aren't 4 listed, or if there is a an empty cat at the wrong ability level for you, ask us to add/switch it for you.  You may need to contact us for full cat bookings and "uber-expert" or "intermediate" so that we can create the trip in the system.  The 5th cat may be operated if there is a fresh snow and you are booking a full cat.

A full cat is considered to be 12 seats (1 seat free).  Though we can take 13 or 14 if we need to fit a group in, those extra seats are charged the same pro-rata amount as the first 12.

If it is all too hard, just send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asking whether your preferred dates or possible range of dates are available - make sure to specify ability level and group size as well as whether you would like us to package your cat skiing with lodging, or whether you'll find your own lodging.