Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada
Please choose your ability level when booking.  If you are booking for a group of people pick the level which suits the slowest in your group.  There is a fair bit of overlap between Advanced, Advanced/Expert, and Expert.  We have posted detailed descriptions of each level on the website, but here is a general overview:
Über-Expert:  Hucking cliffs all day, and they never chicken-out.  If the guide can do it, they can do it.  Fit, young, fast, confident, and unforgiving.   Less than 5% of scheduled trips, plus a few "private" groups.
Expert Enjoy double-black ski runs, untroubled by steep drops, cliff bands, and some tight trees.  They want to jump of some things, but also have a choice of going around.  Very experienced, fit, fast, and looking to do a lot of runs. ~30% of trips
Advanced/Expert:  Happy to ski expert terrain, but more slowly.  Stronger Advanced skiers, who don't want to be the slowest in an expert group, or are trying to avoid being grouped with intermediate skiers who accidentally sign up for Advanced.  Rarely jump off anything, but are tempted by the odd roll or small feature.  A bit faster than advanced, and enjoy a bit more steep.  Lots of snowboarders who are worried that anything easier won't be steep enough to keep going.  Lots of guys in their 50's and 60's who used to be Expert, and ski efficiently but don't want to risk the body anymore.  ~30% of trips
Advanced:  Enjoys black diamond runs, and the odd double-black, but really doesn't enjoy jumping off things.  Stops a couple of times on the way down.  Competent skiers in all snow conditions, but not overly judgemental.  ~25% of trips
Intermediate/Advanced: Enjoys black diamond runs, but a bit more slowly, and some blues.  Maybe a bit slower than Advanced, but skiing Advanced terrain.  ~5% of trips
Intermediate:  Enjoys blue runs at resorts, and some blacks.  Needs to stop sometimes.  Some trepidation in the trees and some, but not a lot, of experience in deep snow.  Prefers more open, less steep terrain, and may like some coaching in skiing powder.  Less than 5% of trips
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