Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada

Expert Catskiing


Expert is nearly the top level of the 4 different levels that we offer - you should be able to ski double black diamond runs with confidence and style.   About 40% of our guests choose this level, or Advanced/Expert, and we have about 300 Expert runs.    This normally relates to the steepness and the terrain features.  Normally expert runs are in the 35-50 degree range for steepness.   At this level, we will ski non-stop, fast paced, challenging descents consisting mainly of steeps and tree runs. This group will constantly push our guides to ski and ride faster down steeper and longer runs in their bid for maximum runs.   Sometimes we will ski runs that have greater risk - in which case your guide may send each person down 1 at a time.


Skiers and snowboarders at the expert level:

  • have significant and extensive powder experience.

  • are comfortable on any terrain at any speed.

  • able to ski tight tree runs well (helps with exits and when stability is poor).

  • ski and board black and double black runs with style.

  • know how to handle any snow conditions.

  • enjoy jumping the odd cliff band  (10-15 feet not unusual when landing is good)

This group is suited for ski patrollers, ex racers, freestylers, instructors, or locals of Rossland BC - who are without doubt the best skiers in the world! 

For some, "expert" is not enough.  If you WANT to jump off of 20-foot cliffs, if you want runs where jumps are mandatory, if you want really steep drop-ins and pillows, if you are extremely fit, very experienced, young and strong, and you have found that people who have classified themselves as "expert" have been slowing you down, ask about "Uber Expert."  These trips don't run every day, and you will have to book a whole cat to ensure that the cat isn't combined with the regular "experts," but we can do it if numbers allow:



Todd Avison skiing down Mackie Path 6 in Late March - Todd is the poster boy for
SeanHannahBRCday1email 025
Steven Lee - World Cup Super G winner and 4 time Olympian

lee in deep
Lee Boland - one of our top ski guides in deep

close version east face of mackie
East face of Mt Mackie - it is so steep that there are cliffs everywhere - If you want extra adventure ask Rob to be your guide!

Neptune E 11 and 12 does not look that steep from this angle - but is a good 45 degrees - most of the experts launch off the cliff band in the middle and there are a couple of great drops at the top. What you see here is about one quarter of the run.

This is Ken Aka Smurf from Calgary going steep and deep on his board - the crater immediately behind him is his landing from a good 20ft cliff...

Some of our expert skiers and boarders are ambitious!

Our experts are aggressive and really work it