Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada

Intermediate Catskiing

About 5-10% of our trips are intermediate or intermediate/advanced groups.    This is a great first step into backcountry powder skiing.   The runs that we ski are normally in the 20 degree range.   There is very very little risk of an avalanche, so people feel really comfortable quickly.    This is a great level to do if you have not had much powder skiing experience.     For intermediate powder skiers who like it deep, but not so steep!  Our guides will give you some helpful powder skiing hints and a helpful hand when you fall, and we introduce you to tree-skiing gradually.  The natural beauty is the same, the camaraderie is the same, but there is no pressure to keep up with the group, so you can enjoy the day at YOUR pace!

Your day will start with gentle, wide open runs or runs with sparse trees, and depending on the group, will advance to skiing easy glades with widely spaced trees, and gradually steeper terrain.  By the end of the day, you will probably be skiing advanced runs, but at a slower pace than the advanced group.  We will help you work toward great powder turns, face shots, and the fun and camaraderie that skiing in a small group on ungroomed terrain provides.

Skiers and snowboarders at this level are those who:

  • may have little or no powder experience.
  • are confident on blue runs and will occasionally ski black runs on a lift served ski area, but may fall regularly in the woods.
  • are comfortable making smooth parallel turns
  • enjoy new challenges and have a good attitude.
  • seek to build their powder confidence.
  • are reasonably fit, though sometimes not as fit as they used to be
Intermediate - is for trying stuff - no one cares if you stop for a snow bath! In fact one of tail guides will be there to help you up!


Intermediate focus is on gentle open terrain


There will be some tree runs but they will be widely spaced like in this photo!


Sometime old cut blocks like this one are great places to ski for intermediates as they are wide open and fun.


Another example of a cut block - this one goes for 4km at this same pitch - feels like skiing a glacier - without the crevasses!


Take time out to get some fun photos - no one is in a rush at this level


Sometimes you will fall - but really that's just a photo opportunity!


This guy was not really an intermediate - but just loved the white beard - so had to put this somewhere!