Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada

A Typical Day at BRC

The day before: You may want to come in around 4pm to sign waivers and arrange ski rental, if you happen to be in Rossland already.    You are also welcome to come into the clubhouse and check out the photos from that day's group.  It is a great place for dinner, as well as breakfast.

  • 0645  - our restaurant/clubhouse, "Fresh" is open, and has great coffee and brekkie.  It isn't included, but is very conveniently located right next door.  You can also wait in here once you've signed your waivers, while waiting for the guides to finish their morning safety meeting.
  • 0730 - The office opens.  If you require ski rental, come between 7:30 and 7:45
  • 0745 - Everyone should be checking in at the office and signing waivers at this time.  You may not see a toilet for a while... consider this before leaving your lodging or use the toilets at our clubhouse next door Fresh.  BRC HQ is at the base of Red Mountain ski resort in Rossland BC.  The address is 2-4430 Red Mountain Rd - it is in the Red Robs condo block, just before the Red Shutter Inn.  You will be required to sign a liability waiver and assumption of risks form which waives your rights to sue us, our staff and suppliers, and the Crown, for pretty much any reason. There is no parking available here, so we recommend that people stay at lodging at Red Mountain, and just walk to our office.  You can do a brief gear-drop stop, but there is nowhere to park.
  • 0800 - The guide meeting should be finished at around this time, and everyone should have already checked in.  You'll be told which bus to put your gear into, and your guides will advise whether your group is being briefed at the staging area or the office.  Beacons are handed out, and backpacks with probe, shovel, and guest radios. 
  • 0900-930 - Board the snowcats after safety training is completed, and gear and lunches are loaded.
  • 0945 - First of many descents.  You will keep going all day, eating your lunch between runs in the snowcat.  There could be anything between 6 and 16 runs per day, depending on the group ability, size, snow speed, run selection, and time of season.  Usually an advanced group gets 10 runs or so, but that's a rule of thumb.  You'll just keep going, and the cat will usually be waiting for you at the bottom of each run.
  • 1515 - 1530 -  Final run of the day commences.
  • 1600 - Get off of the snowcats, return your transceivers.
  • 1645-1700 - Return to "Fresh" watch photos and video from the day - food and drink available but not included.  Photographers will Airdrop any photos you purchase at this time, or arrange for a Google Drive transfer later.

Lunch is provided.  Please advise in advance if you are vegetarian, or have food allergies or aversions such as nuts, gluten, or dairy.  Please also advise the guides if you have any medical issues which could become important in a rescue situation.

You are welcome to bring additional snacks as well.  While drinking alcohol while skiing is not permitted, you are welcome to bring cold cans for the cat descent after your last run.  There is space in the cat for a backpack with things such as extra mitts, goggles, hand warmers, layers.  You may want to bring a ziploc with some toilet paper.  There are no outhouses in the wilderness.