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Cat Skiing


CV-19 Special Booking Policy: 

Book with only a 5% deposit until 90 days before your trip (around $32/seat).  If, when the remainder is due at that time you are unable to commit and pay the remainder, you can release the booking and carry that small deposit forward to another time.  If you do decide to pay the remainder, and subsequently need to cancel due to CV-19, that payment is not refundable but the credit can be transferred forward to another time, or to another person, later the same season or the following two seasons. 

Each snowcat group has its own dedicated bus, and will not be transported with other groups, and we will make every effort to schedule guides so that they do not move between groups from day to day, with full-cat multi-day groups having the same tail guide throughout. 




Single Seats (in 12-pers cat): C$615/ day


Private Cat Options - all on one bill with one payment 

12 seats C$6,600 (~550/pers)

10 seats C$6,200  (~620/pers)

8 seats C$5,600  (~700/pers)

6 seats C$4,600  (~767/pers)


Cancellation Insurance C$100/seat


10% off for bookings before 16 Jan and after 7 Mar


Note:  All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, though future credit is permitted in some circumstances

Remainder is due 90 days before the trip.  Deposits are NOT refundable, but can be applied to a future booking or transferred to a friend's booking if you need to cancel 90 days before the trip and are unable to complete the booking.  After that time, credits can only be transferred or carried forward if there are hazardous conditions, if we cannot operate due to conditions beyond our control, or if we are able to subsequently fill your reserved seat - but there are no refunds unless you have purchased cancellation insurance.

"Cancellation Insurance" option of C$100/seat/day is available, which allows for refunds if trip cancelled by you or us for any reason

Rates do not include $4/day Crown Land User Fee and 5% GST

Rates may rise at any time prior to booking


Standby Rate: price drops $50 4 days out, or $100 2 days out, if space available


How do I book?  call 1 250 362 2271, email or book online 



Big Red Lodge  - sleeps 12 - C$1080/night when cat skiing,  $1200 if not cat skiing

Red Shutter Inn - 2-person rooms for C$189/night - 12th person free.  Includes full breakfast!  Availabilty

Red Shutter Cabin - sleeps 4 C$225/night 

Josie Hotel - luxury from C$200-500 per night/room, check site for rates

Ramshead Inn - C$170-$210 per room/night

How do I book?  Call us at 1 250 362 2271, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


We can book all of the above lodging options for you with your cat skiing package, or you are welcome to book these other options directly.


Nowhere Special Hostel from C~$40 per bed in a shared room

Luxury condos 2-5 bedroom from C$350 - C$1200 per night (sleeps 2-12)

Red Reservations, Mountain Town Properties, Red Mountain Village, or Rossland Airbnb


Add 16% lodging tax



We can arrange packages with lodging and cat skiing on one bill if you prefer. 

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1 250 362 2271 to discuss

Equipment & Photography 

Included: backpack with transceiver, probe, shovel, and radio

Ski Rental C$39/day - Rossignol Soul7HD and Super7 -plenty of skis, reserve in advance or on arrival.  

Board rental C$39 per day - We have only 6-8 limited sizes so best to reserve in advance - more available at the resort

Airbags - C$39/day Arcteryx - we have just 4, book in advance if you want them (we will get more if there is steady demand)

Photography C$60/person/day, $50 each for group of 6, or $450 for a full cat.  Please register interest in advance, as not all cats have a photographer if not requested




  • Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.  If you prefer to have the flexibility of a refundable ticket, add the $100/day refundable ticket option.  Note that in this case the $100 is not refunded, just the regular ticket price.
  • Dates are flexible and need not be consecutive.  Please book the ability level which pertains to the slowest person in your booking group so that they can make it through the day without having to sit runs out.
  • If weather is looking potentially hazardous or just not like much fun, we'll let you know and will in many cases offer the option of a transferable rain check which is good for the remainder of the season, plus two more seasons.   
  • Lunch is included.  Breakfast and coffee are not included, but are available starting at 6:45am next door at Fresh
  • All prices in Canadian dollars.  Cat skiing subject to $4/day Crown Land user fee and 5% GST.  Lodging 16% taxes.
  • Other lodging options also available, or you may book your own
  • All guests will be required to read and sign the Big Red Cats waiver prior to skiing
  • Please take time to read and understand our terms and conditions carefully - particularly that we do not provide refunds.
  • We strongly suggest that you purchase travel insurance that contains both trip cancellation insurance and medical evacuation insurance.  
  • Click here for more info on evacuation costs for those without insurance - costs may be higher
  • We recommend that all people use fat powder skis to make the day more fun.  Also, if you rent, your skis won't get damaged in transport or in the snowcat!

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